Acheron river

Half an hour from the campsite is the Acheron River and it is an experience that you have to live. Walk on its riverbanks, swim in its icy waters and walk through its bed until you reach  its springs. You may have a kayaking trip as well. Just do not forget to through a black stone behind you when you leave, because it is required by tradition.

You should definitely visit the Nekromanteion, just half an hour from the campsite.The Nekromanteion was in ancient Greece, the entrance to the Underworld. There, Harrodas (Death)  waited with his boat to pass the souls of the dead to the land of Hades. The door was guarded by a terrible dog with three heads, Cerberus. In Nekromanteio, Odysseus as wandering to find the way back to his homeland in Ithaca, came to ask for the prophecy by the dead blind prophet of Apollo, Tiresias.