Parga is less than a half-hour drive away. The little town has a great history. Until 1797, it was a fortress but also a commercial center of strategic importance for the Venetians in the Ionian Sea.  . After the Venetian occupation, French, Russians, Turks, and finally the English, who in 1819 sold Parga to Ali Pasha, followed in turn. . The amount of the acquisition of Parga was 150,000 pounds. After the sale of it to the Turks, 4,000 Greek inhabitants of Parga were forced to leave their homeland and become refugees in Corfu.

In 1913 Parga became Greek, and many locals returned to their homeland after the liberation. Each year in Parga on 15 August, the "barcarola" anniversary is celebrated, which represents the return of the people and their Sacred Heirs to Parga.